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10 Creative Ways to Use Corten Steel in Your Garden

10 Creative Ways to Use Corten Steel in Your Garden
Nicolette Burdios|

Corten steel has become a popular trend in landscaping worldwide in recent years. It blends looks with eco-friendliness. No matter your garden's style—rustic, modern, big, or small—Corten steel, also called weather-resistant steel or COR-TEN, offers endless possibilities. Here, we'll explore various Corten products to inspire your garden design.

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Corten Steel Planters

Corten steel planters provide year-round protection for your garden plants. Their rust color beautifully complements the greenery, and each planter is unique due to nature's influence on the steel. Enthusiasts can even use these planters indoors with special treatment. Contact us for details.


Corten Steel Fence

Add privacy and personality to your garden with a Corten steel fence. These rust-colored panels create a cozy corner protected from the wind or serve as a stylish garden divider. The warm rust color adds sturdiness and durability to your garden separation. These fences can stand alone without visible fastening posts and look stunning when combined with wood storage.


Corten Steel Gates

Complete your fence with a custom Corten steel gate. Elevate your entrance with a distinctive touch that sets your property apart. Corten steel gates offer durability, style, and a unique aesthetic that adds character to any landscape. Contact us to transform your entrance into a statement piece that welcomes guests with elegance and charm.


Corten Steel Wood Storage

Efficiency meets design with Corten steel wood storage. Combining it with wood isn't just visually appealing—it also serves as garden separation. Choose from various styles and customizations. The rust that forms on the wood storage protects it from further erosion, ensuring strength, durability, and recyclability.


Corten Steel Mailboxes

Elevate your curb appeal with our customizable mailboxes. Design a unique piece that matches your style, with options for house numbers and even lighting. Message us to turn your mailbox vision into reality!


Corten Steel Garden Edging

Achieve a clean yet versatile design with our Corten steel garden edging. Whether you're combining cobbles, plants, tiles, or grass, our edging blends seamlessly into both playful and minimalist gardens. Additionally, edge fences are handy for managing height differences, with options for various heights and lengths.


Corten Steel Pedestal

Elevate focal points in your garden with our Corten steel pedestal. Whether showcasing art, flowers, or sculptures, the options are endless. Adding a light underneath creates a stunning effect in the evening, while placing a fire bowl on top transforms it into a unique fire pit.


Corten Steel Silhouettes

Let your imagination roam with our ground-insert designs. From animal shapes to superhero silhouettes, these corten steel creations add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Simply plant them in your yard and watch your ideas come to life. Explore our full range at our online shop.


Corten Steel Coat/Bridle Rack

Discover our range of customizable coat and bridle racks, designed to ignite your creativity. Organize your space with a bespoke design that perfectly complements your decor. Get inspired and reach out to us today to turn your ideal rack into reality!


Corten Steel Signs

Leave your mark with our personalized signs. Customize them to match your unique style and message. Whether it's for a farm, cabin, or any other purpose, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today to create a standout sign that truly speaks for you!

Experience the impact of remarkable and personalized creations with Corten steel. With its unique effects, Corten steel ensures your eye-catching pieces are both distinctive and durable. Its versatility extends beyond garden decor; it's also used in bridge construction, containers, and art, showcasing its strength and longevity.


The possibilities are truly endless. For those eager to explore further, browse our portfolio on our website. Overflowing with inspiration? Reach out to us via our quotation form, and we'll gladly delve deeper into the myriad of options available to you.

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